June 1, 2016

Sugary Drink Warning Label Bill to be Heard by Baltimore City Council June 7

On June 7, Sugar Free Kids Maryland will join the Baltimore City Health Department in testifying in front of the Baltimore City Council in support of a bill requiring warning labels for sugary drinks in advertisements, restaurant menus and any city stores that sell those products.

The bill would require food service facilities, retailers, and certain advertisements posted within Baltimore City, including billboards, and transit ads, to post the following message: “WARNING: DRINKING BEVERAGES WITH ADDED SUGAR CONTRIBUTES TO TOOTH DECAY, OBESITY, AND DIABETES. THIS MESSAGE IS FROM THE BALTIMORE CITY HEALTH DEPARTMENT.” Baltimore City would become the second jurisdiction in the country to issue such a warning.

“We’re focused on education,” said Sugar Free Kids Maryland Executive Director Robi Rawl. “This measure is about transparency and a consumer’s right to know that sugary drinks contribute to these health epidemics. These sugary drink companies are spending millions of dollars to unfairly target low-income communities and young people.”