Healthy Vending Act

What did this bill do? This has expanded healthy drinks and snacks offered in county vending machines. At least 50 percent of items in machines will meet American Heart Association recommended nutrition standards for sugar, salt, fat and other measures, and every drink machine will offer bottled water. Why is this bill necessary?
  • Healthier options create more supportive food environments for government employees, visitors to public property, participants in government-sponsored programs and people in government institutional environments.
  • Almost one in four children in Montgomery County is not able to maintain a healthy weight. This rate outpaces the national average. More than half of all adults in the county are not keeping a healthy weight.
  • Between Fiscal Year 2006 and Fiscal Year 2017, County Government expenditures to provide health insurance to current and retired employees increased by 72 percent, from $83.3 million to $143.1 million.