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Switch Your Drinks (And Your Snacks) in Your Vending Machines

If you have a vending machine onsite, we can help make it easy for you to switch the drinks in your machines to better beverages. We can provide:

  • Helpful suggestions for renegotiating your contract with your current vendor(s)
  • Examples of contract standards and language
  • A list of drink choices to ask for
  • Tips for introducing the vending machine changes to your members
  • Ready to explore your options? It’s important for us to understand your organization’s unique needs.

    Contact us to set up a one-on-one meeting and get more resources to help you make the switch.


    Hand Out a Spa Water Recipe

    Need a recipe for deliciously flavored water to share with your members, staff, colleagues, clients, and visitors? We have just what you need.

    Download Recipes

    Try a Spa Water Taste Test

    For an upcoming event or social, try mixing up 3 different batches of spa water (click here for recipes). Make small taste test cups available and have members vote on their favorite. Then serve the favorite at subsequent meetings.

    Download Taste Test Ballots